Download your torrent and magnet files with ZTorrent Opener(Torrent Downloader).
very easy to use,which really no need any technical knowledge.
You can download and share files directly on your device.You can use app as torrent opener also.

Implemented features:
- Torrent Downloader has DHT, encryption, PeX, LSD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, µTP
- IP filtering (PeerGuardian and eMule dat)
- Ability to fine tune like power management,network settings, battery control, UI settings, etc.
- Supports torrents with large number of files and big files.You can add many files at single time for download.
- HTTP\S and magnet links support with- Support proxy for trackers and peers
- Torrent Downloader has Ability to move files while downloading.
- Torrent Opener has Ability to specify file and folder priorities
- Ability to automatic movement of files to another directory or to an external drive at the end of download
- Material Design
- Ability to select which files to download
- Ability to download sequentially
- Tablet optimized UI

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